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Pin2Win Wrestling Camp

Message from the Camp Director

The Gene Mills Pin2Win Wrestling Camp in Sequim was established by Chad Cate three years ago with the aim of creating a camp that would take the fundamental skills of local wrestlers to the next level. However, after Chad's passing in January of this year, a group of dedicated coaches and parents have worked tirelessly to not only keep the camp going, but to expand it as well. The camp offers wrestlers the opportunity to learn from one of the most successful wrestlers in US history.

As the Camp Director, I consider wrestling camps from multiple perspectives. What can a wrestler gain from the camp? Can the camp provide the necessary skills to take the participant to the next level? Will the camp allow wrestlers to connect with others who can help develop their skills? Is there enough coaching support available for each participant?

In my opinion, the Gene Mills Pin2Win Wrestling Camp ticks all of these boxes for wrestler development. The focus is not on intensive conditioning, but on building and refining strong skills to enable participants to compete at a much higher level next season. By attending this camp, wrestlers will leave with renewed confidence and the necessary skills for success in the future. As the camp continues to grow, we have seen many past participants become state placers in both boys and girls divisions.

For those planning to camp during the camp, the camp sites on the picturesque Dungeness River provide a secluded environment with shower and RV hook-up facilities available on site. Please contact us to reserve a camp site at this beautiful and unique venue.



Steve Chinn, Camp Director

Pin2Win Wrestling Camp with Gene Mills
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