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"Leave it all on the mat and come out a champion!"

The Wrestler

"I have attended Gene Mills' Pin2Win camp in Sequim for the last two years and have loved every second of it. On the social side of things, Gene is a hilarious guy, always cracking jokes and making our time enjoyable while remaining professional and teaching us new ways to improve as athletes. The Sequim coaches and community up there are great and very welcoming. After each camp, I not only have new techniques, but also new connections and friends that help build up the wrestling community.

Now, focusing on the techniques and positions shown, I think it would be pretty hard to find someone better and more influential than Gene. In both of my years with him, I have not learned a single new move, but my knowledge of positioning and pressure has skyrocketed. I have always been a decent wrestler with pretty good technique, but wrestling with Gene helped me become a pinner. With him, I learned that not every situation has to be perfect, but you always have to make the most of it. He changed me from a wrestler who always looked for only perfect opportunities into a wrestler who recognized every little opportunity to attack, and that has made all the difference.

This year during my wrestling season, I pinned two different state champions from last year's Mat Classic, and after each one, I thought back to Gene's camp and how his philosophy of always looking to pin your opponent likely helped me win those matches in such a great manner. I am looking forward to attending every camp of Gene's that I can, especially the one in Sequim this summer."

~ Cody Miller, Sumner High School

2-Time Washington State Champion 2022 & 2023


For The Love Of It

"Gene Mills was a great wrestler in the 80s and 90s, but you should see him now. I believe the reason he has become even better is that he still coaches high school wrestling. Although he was one of the best wrestlers of his time and still holds the NCAA pin record, not all great wrestlers make great coaches. Some are too far removed from their experience, and all you end up with is a camp t-shirt. However, Gene relates to the kids and recognizes their skill levels. He changed the wrestling style worldwide, something only a few Americans have accomplished. So, let him help improve your win-loss record. The camp has sold out for two years in a row, so book your spot now."

~ Randall Tomaras Founder of the Washington State Wrestling Coaches Association, Wrestling Coach of the Year Awards Program, WA Wrestling Top Ten Rankings, and Restore University Wrestling

The Wrestler

"I have had the privilege of attending Gene's wrestling camp for the last two years. Prior to attending, I was at a decent level, winning matches by points and pins. However, Gene taught me to always look for the pin, focusing on technique and leverage rather than strength. I admire how Gene drills pins for warm-ups, which aligns with his philosophy of prioritizing pins over decisions.


Thanks to Gene's teachings, my wrestling skills have improved significantly. I went from wrestling mostly decision matches two years ago to winning almost all matches by pin this year and last. Gene is an outstanding teacher, and you could not find anyone better. Last year, I achieved 22 pins, and this year, I have already achieved 20.

If you want to improve your wrestling skills, Gene's camp is the way to go."

~ Mya Herrera, Cascade High School

3rd Place Washington State Champion 2023

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